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The Future

We want to give power back to the people (metaphorically and literally). By using our Turrets customers are able to solve their food waste problems independently while still benefiting from the power produced.


We’re based in Christchurch, Canterbury

As a growing hub of innovation in New Zealand, Christchurch is an ideal place to be located. Christchurch has a growing population and is located in the middle of the Canterbury plains, a crucial area for New Zealand agriculture. FoodFuse is well situated to build connections with local businesses, families, and farmers in the area. Lets take that step!


Emissions Reduction Plan

"24-47% reduction of biogenic methane by 2050" and a "minimum reduction of 10% by 2030."

European Biogas Association

"Renewable gases, including biogas and biomethane, will be central to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2050."

Beca New Zealand

“Today in New Zealand biogas and biomethane are not part of the main zero-carbon energy conversation."

Our Vision

FoodFuse is a small start-up looking to make big steps. Imagine a world where the majority of food waste is going straight into our turrets, producing clean energy for everyday businesses. Instead of cumbersome and expensive weekly waste collections, people can be independent of the system, generating energy and dealing with their food waste on-site. At FoodFuse, this is the vision we are chasing, and we are putting in the mahi to make it happen. 

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