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Sustainability inspired deep-tech

Sustainability is a key theme at FoodFuse, something that is reflected in all our designs.   


Designed for high waste producing restaurants and breweries, the Mega-Turrets sleek and compact body represents an opportunity for businesses to get ahead.

turret white_edited.png

Simple and Sanitary

Just like with all FoodFuse products, the Mega-Turret is designed to be easy to use and 100% hygenic. Now instead of paying for the collection of your businesses waste, you just need to put it in the Turret and let it turn into renewable biogas.

Customisable and adaptable

Our model can be scaled to perfectly fit the area available at your business. With a simple and adaptable design, the Mega-Turret can be installed in any part of the property.


The Micro-Turret is targeted towards families and households as a simple solution to household organic waste. It is custom designed to suit the Kiwi lifestyle with compact, convenient and easily installable features. 


The micro-turret is an ideal choice for urban homes. Able to store up to 6 weeks of waste at a time, this Turret turns food waste into biomethane and fertilizer over 14 days. With minimal effort and user input, homes are provided with renewable gas for the house and fertilizer for pot-plants or community gardens.  


After the food waste is added and the lid, shut, our custom microbes get to work, breaking down food waste using the process of anerobic digestion. Our novel Turret design optimises the use of one-way valves and gas properties to pressurise the biofuel within the Turret. With a few presses on a pedal, this gas gets transferred to a gas storage container, ready for whenever it’s needed next. 

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